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All Top Apple Vision Pro Apps You Need to Know 2024

2024-01-25 08:40:01

The Apple Vision Pro is poised to redefine our interaction with technology, packing the robust Apple M2 processor and boasting 4K-per-eye displays to deliver unprecedented immersive experiences. With spatial computing at its core, this device promises a fusion of virtual and physical realms, offering a canvas for a multitude of applications that leverage its advanced eye and hand-tracking capabilities.

Vision Pro App Store Apps

On the productivity front, the Vision Pro will play host to powerhouse apps such as Microsoft 365 and Slack. Unique offerings like Fantastical will aid in managing your schedule, while JigSpace brings 3D presentations to life, allowing users to explore complex structures from within.

Streaming aficionados will delight in the availability of apps like Disney+, HBO Max, and Amazon Prime Video, among others. While Netflix and YouTube won’t feature dedicated Vision Pro apps, their content will still be accessible via Safari, albeit without the full immersion that native apps could provide.

Best Apple Vision Pro Apps Available on Day One

The Max streaming service, once known as HBO Max, is gearing up to make a significant leap in the entertainment industry by becoming available on Apple Vision Pro, at its launch.
HBO’s streaming service, Max, includes HBO original films, TV shows, and documentaries, alongside brand-new movies. It recently just received the Barbie movie so watching that on the big screen of the Vision Pro sounds like a treat.

Disney CEO Bob Iger last year said Disney+ would also be available on the Vision Pro at launch, promising “deeply personal experiences.” Its app will also natively support visionOS, and it will be prominently featured in the App Store on the Vision Pro.
Through Disney +, you can stream almost everything Disney owns, from Pixar to Marvel to Star Wars. There are also some great original movies, documentaries, and even everyone’s favorite dysfunctional animated family, The Simpsons.

Moon Spatial Player
Moon Spatial Video Player work seamlessly with the built-in Files app and Photos app in Apple Vision Pro. You can directly drag and drop videos from Files to open in MOON, or long press the video in Files and select to open with MOON. In addition, you can invoke Files or Photos in Moon Spatial Video Player to play or import video files as well.
Play Everything:

  • All format support: Compatible with full range of video formats
  • High resolutions: UHD, 4K, 8K and 12K playback
  • A full list of supported formats: webm、mkv、flv、vob、ogv .ogg、drc、gif、gifv、mng、avi、av1、MTS, .M2TS, .TS、mov .qt、wmv、yuv、rm、rmvb、viv、asf、amv、mp4 .m4p .m4v、mpg .mp2 .mpeg .mpe .mpv、mpg .mpeg .m2v、m4v、svi、3gp、3g2、mxf、roq、nsv、flv .f4v .f4p .f4a .f4b
  • HDR/Dolby Vision
  • Spatial Audio

Spatial Portal by Moon Home
800x400bb (1).png
This is an app for you to create, preview and explore diverse spatial environments with your Apple Vision Pro.
Set up a Portal in your real-life room, and seamlessly step into any virtual worlds you create with AI.

Unlock your magical experience with:

  • Spatial Portal: Step into it and enter any spatial worlds from your room.
  • AI environments: From text to skybox, create unique world by describing it.
  • Environments gallery: Share and explore works from the community.

Create and step into it with Moon!
Join discord:

Microsoft 365
Of course, Microsoft has its own HoloLens 2 headset which is a direct competitor to the Vision Pro. However, HoloLens has remained enterprise-focused since it launched seven years ago. Either way, it seems Microsoft understands allowing Office apps on the Vision Pro has more benefits for the company than the benefits of making the apps exclusive to HoloLens.

The ultimate communication platform for teams, Slack comes with the ability to make different chat rooms for different topics, has integration with Google services, and has plenty of ways to customize your experience to be more efficient.

Preinstalled Vision Pro Apps

From the get-go, Vision Pro users will be greeted with a suite of system apps fine-tuned for this new frontier. Imagine surfing the web on Safari amidst a panorama of virtual screens that dwarf the real estate of a MacBook or even a Pro Display XDR. The integration of Apple Mail, Messages, and FaceTime ensures you stay connected in this new virtual space, while Freeform, Notes, and Files help keep your life seamlessly organized.

Entertainment is not left behind, with Photos, Music, and TV apps ready to astound. The Encounter Dinosaurs app is preloaded to instantly showcase the power of 3D immersion, while Mindfulness invites you into a serene world of color and movement, raising the bar for app experiences.

While the Vision Pro’s app ecosystem initially may seem sparse compared to the iPhone’s vast selection, it’s essential to remember the Vision Pro’s ability to run a multitude of iPhone and iPad apps—though not every app will be installable. Customization is a breeze with the familiar Settings app, allowing users to tailor the Vision Pro’s appearance and functionality to their liking.

Sources like MacRumors indicate that although apps like Books, Calendar, Maps, News, and Podcasts come preinstalled, they will operate in a more traditional 2D mode. However, the potential for immersive navigation in Maps or digesting content in an engaging new format is tantalizing.

Gaming on Vision Pro

The gaming landscape on the Vision Pro is set to flourish with access to a library of over 250 games on Apple Arcade. Beyond that, new spatial experiences tailored for visionOS are in the pipeline. From the mixed reality board game Demeo to the VR fruit-slicing extravaganza Super Fruit Ninja, the Vision Pro will offer a new dimension to gaming.

iPhone and iPad Apps on Vision Pro

With compatibility for over a million iPhone and iPad apps, the Vision Pro can leverage a vast array of existing content. However, the success of these apps will depend on how well they translate to the Vision Pro’s interface, which eschews traditional touch for head and eye-tracking inputs. This challenge underscores the importance of native Vision Pro apps.

Native Vision Pro Apps

The future of the Vision Pro will be shaped by applications built specifically for spatial computing. AR apps that meld digital elements with the real world will be the proving ground for this device. The future ‘killer app’ for the Vision Pro is out there, waiting to emerge and push the boundaries of what we consider possible with technology.

The Vision Pro stands on the cusp of launch, ready to deliver a suite of applications that will showcase its potential and cement its place as a transformative device. Whether for work, entertainment, or play, the Vision Pro is set to offer a glimpse into the future of personal computing, where the lines between the physical and digital worlds blur into a new kind of experience.

Moon VR Player—Enjoy Any Video in VR with Absolute Ease

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