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How to Watch Movies in VR: A Step-by-Step Guide

2023-05-04 07:29:26

Virtual reality (VR) technology has advanced significantly in recent years, and one of the most exciting applications of this technology is the ability to watch movies in VR. Whether you’re a movie buff seeking a new way to experience your favorite films or just curious about the possibilities of VR, here’s everything you need to know to get started.

Step 1: Choose a VR headset

Choosing the right VR headset for watching movies is essential to get the best possible experience.

What to consider when choosing a VR headset:

1. Resolution:

  • The higher the resolution, the better the picture quality. Look for a VR headset with at least 1080 x 1200 resolution per eye.

2. Refresh rate:

  • A higher refresh rate reduces motion sickness and creates a smoother image. Look for a VR headset with at least 90 Hz refresh rate.
    player1400button (1).png

3. Level of immersion:

  • The level of immersion refers to how much the VR experience feels like real life. Look for a VR headset with 6DoF (six degrees of freedom) tracking technology for more realistic movement and room-scale experiences.

4. Comfort:

  • Comfort is important for longer movie-watching sessions. Look for a VR headset with adjustable straps, ergonomic design, and lightweight materials.

5. Access to VR apps and platforms:

  • The availability of VR apps and platforms can enhance the movie-watching experience. Look for a VR headset that has access to the apps and platforms you prefer.

6. Price:

  • The price of a VR headset can vary greatly. Look for a headset that fits within your budget while still providing the features and quality you desire.

Based on these factors, here are some recommended VR headsets for watching movies:

- Oculus Quest 2:

Offers high resolution, a 90 Hz refresh rate, 6DoF tracking, and is comfortable to wear. It also has access to a wide range of VR apps and platforms. It is priced at $299 for the 64GB version and $399 for the 256GB version.

- HTC Vive:

Also offers high resolution, a 90 Hz refresh rate, and 6DoF tracking. It may not be as comfortable as the Oculus Quest 2 but still provides an excellent movie-watching experience. The HTC Vive Pro is priced at $1,399.

- Sony PlayStation VR:

Offers high resolution, 6DoF tracking, and a comfortable design. It also has access to a variety of VR apps and games, making it a great choice for movie-watching and gaming. It is priced at $399.99.

- Samsung Gear VR:

This headset is a great option for those with a Samsung smartphone as it is easy to set up and offers a comfortable fit. It also provides access to a variety of VR apps. It is priced at $99.99.

- Google Daydream View:

Another great option for those with a compatible smartphone. It offers a comfortable design and access to a range of VR apps. It is priced at $99.

Consider these factors, including price, and recommended VR headsets when choosing a VR headset for watching movies. Keep in mind that while some VR headsets offer higher levels of immersion, they may also be more expensive and require more powerful hardware to run.

Step 2: Install a VR movie player app

Once you have your VR headset set up, the next step is to choose a VR video player app to use for watching movies.

Factors to consider when selecting a VR video player:

1. Compatibility:

Make sure that the VR video player app is compatible with your VR headset. Some VR video players are designed specifically for certain VR headsets, so it’s important to check the compatibility before downloading the app.

2. Video quality:

Look for a VR video player that supports high-quality video formats such as 4K, 6K, or even 8K, to ensure that you can enjoy the best possible image quality.

3. Ease of use:

Choose a VR video player that is easy to navigate and has a user-friendly interface. It should be easy to search for and access your movie library, adjust settings, and control playback.

4. Customization:

Some VR video players allow you to customize your viewing experience by adjusting the screen size, depth perception, and even the audio settings. Look for a VR video player that offers these features if you want more control over your viewing experience.

5. Price:

Some VR video players are free, while others may require a one-time purchase or a subscription fee. Consider your budget when choosing a VR video player app.

Based on these factors, here is a recommended VR video player app:

player1400button (1).png

Moon VR Player:

  • All modes supported and automatically recognized: 180°/190°/210°/360°/2D/3D/fisheye/sbs…
  • All formats supported: mkv/ mp4/ wmv/ mov/ avi/ rmvb/ flv…
  • Superior image quality: Support 4k, 8k, 12k UHD videos
  • Gallery: Automatically download metadata and artwork for movies and TV shows, then match them to each video file
  • Passthrough: be aware of your real-world surroundings while watching VR movies
  • DLNA: browse and play video files on devices attached to your home network, without using additional storage space on your headset
  • Multiple subtitles and audio tracks supported
  • Remove faulty ghosting in videos
  • Head tracking and effortless hands-free control
  • Moon Link: wirelessly watch VR videos from your computer
  • Screen adjustments: Brightness, distance, zoom, and curved display

Step 3: Choose a movie

After choosing a VR headset and installing a VR movie player app, it’s time to choose a movie to watch.
Where to download VR movies:

1. Digital video rental and purchase services:

Services like Vudu, Amazon Prime Video, and Google Play Movies & TV offer VR movies for download. Prices vary depending on the title, but you can rent or buy movies for a fraction of the cost of a physical DVD or Blu-ray.

2. VR movie download websites:

There are several websites dedicated to offering VR movie downloads. However, be aware that downloading from these sites may not always be legal, and you run the risk of downloading malware or viruses. It’s important to research and use caution when downloading from third-party sites.

When downloading VR movies, be aware that they tend to be larger in size than regular movies, so make sure you have enough storage space available on your device. Also, always download from a trusted source to avoid malware and viruses, and remember that downloading copyrighted content without permission may be illegal in your country.

Step 4: Adjust your settings

Once you’ve chosen your VR headset and installed a good VR movie player app such as Moon VR Player, it’s important to adjust your settings to ensure the best possible viewing experience.

What to adjust:

1. Screen size and distance:

Moon VR Player allows you to adjust the size and distance of the virtual screen. Experiment with different sizes and distances to find the one that feels most comfortable to you.

2. Video quality:

Moon VR Player also allows you to adjust the video quality of the movie you’re watching. If you’re experiencing lag or low resolution, try adjusting the video quality to see if it improves your viewing experience.

3. Audio settings:

Moon VR Player offers advanced audio settings such as 3D spatial audio or surround sound. If you have a good set of headphones, try enabling these settings to enhance the overall movie-watching experience.

4. Comfort settings:

Finally, consider adjusting comfort settings such as motion sickness reduction or eye strain reduction. These settings can help prevent discomfort or motion sickness while watching movies in VR.

Overall, adjusting your settings in Moon VR Player can help you customize your VR movie-watching experience to your personal preferences and needs.

Step 5: Enjoy the movie

With everything set up, it’s time to sit back and enjoy the movie. VR movies can be an incredibly immersive experience, allowing you to feel like you’re right in the middle of the action. Remember to take breaks as needed to avoid eye strain or discomfort.

In conclusion,

watching movies in VR can be a thrilling and immersive experience. Just choose the right headset, install a good VR movie player app, and download high-quality VR movies. Remember to be cautious when downloading from third-party websites, and make sure you have enough storage space on your device. Enjoy!

Moon VR Player—Enjoy Any Video in VR with Absolute Ease
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-Uninterrupted 3D immersion: repair ghosting, auto focus, auto IPD adjustment, image distortion correction…
-Other innovations: passthrough, head/hand control, DLNA/SMB, USB, cloud drive, custom environments…

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