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How to use Moon Link

2023-05-06 10:14:59

This is the help page for MoonLink for Quest/Pico and other all-in-one VR headsets. If you are seeking help for MoonLink for Apple Vision Pro, please refer to this page

1. What is Moon Link?

Moon Link is an advanced feature that enables you to play videos from your computer wirelessly.

2. How to set up Moon Link?

(1) Download and install the ““Moon Link”” application on your computer. Click here and find Download Moon Link.
(2) On the computer, drag & drop video files into the application.
(3) Make sure your headset is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the computer.
(4) In your headset, click the “Search for Devices” button on Moon Link page to sync the two devices.
(5) Choose a file to play!

3. My computer can not be discovered by Moon Link.

(1) Check if your computer 's SSDP Discovery service is running. If not, please start it.
(2) Check if your computer is connected to the same Wi-Fi as your headset. If not, please change the Wi-Fi.
(3) If you enable your PC’s Wi-Fi with a third-party Wi-Fi assistant, VPN, virtual DNS, etc., your PC’s network setting panel will show two IPs, change your PC’s IP to the other, then exit and reopen the Moon Link app.
(4) Please check your router settings. Make sure that your router does not have AP isolation enabled. Ensure that your computer and headset are on the same subnet. If they are not on the same subnet, make sure that communication between subnets is allowed.
(5)Comprehensive troubleshooting. If you are not familiar with the above steps, you can quickly identify the approximate location of the issue by changing networks (such as using a mobile hotspot) or replacing your PC.

4. Moon Link app can not find my computer despite the same Wi-Fi network.

Check your computer’s firewall rules, and make sure Moon Link is in your firewall’s white-list.

5. Dragged a folder into Moon Link, but no video files inside

This issue typically occurs on Windows computers when MoonLink does not have the necessary permissions for the corresponding files. You can try the following methods:

  • Run Moon Link as an administrator.
  • Grant Moon Link the necessary permissions in System Settings - Privacy and Security (the procedure may vary depending on the Windows version).
  • Move the video folder to another location, such as the D drive instead of the C drive.
  • Instead of dragging, use the plus button to add a new folder. Also, when selecting the folder, double-click to enter the folder before clicking “Select Folder”

6. Moon Link app can not find subtitle files.

(1) Supported subtitle format: srt/ sub/ ttml/ vtt/ ssa.
(2) Ensure your subtitle file is in the same folder and has the same name as the video.

7. I can not open a folder on Moon Link app.

You might have too many videos in the same folder. Please remove some videos and try again.

8. I can not open Moon Link app after downloading a new version on my Windows PC.

(1) Uninstall the old version before installing the new one.
(2) Alternatively, open the ““Run”” dialog box (Windows + R), type ““netstat”” command, click ““enter””, then check the local address: 20066 . There find and close the application that takes the port for 20066.

9. I can not open Moon Link app after downloading it on my Mac.

Apple default security feature Gatekeeper might forbid installing an app from the internet, so you must disable Gatekeeper yourself.
(1) If your macOS is below Sierra 10.12: Go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General, choose the option Anywhere under All apps downloaded from, then reopen Moon Link app.
(2) If your macOS is Sierra 10.12 or higher: In System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General, you can not see the Anywhere option under All apps downloaded from. But you can restore this option with a terminal command: sudo spctl–master-disable. After executing this command in your terminal, relaunch System Preferences and enter Security & Privacy > General. You can see the Anywhere option under All apps downloaded from, check it, and reopen Moon Link app.
(3) For your information, you can always use a terminal command: sudo spctl–master-enable to re-enable Gatekeeper."

Still having problems?

If the problem still can’t be solved, including but not limited to not being able to add video files, not being able to search for the device, etc., you can try uninstalling the Moon Link first, and then reinstalling the latest version on the official website. We recommend that you also reinstall Moon VR Player.

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