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Moon Link for Apple Vision Pro

2024-04-29 11:14:09

Step 1:

Download and install Moon Link app on your Mac/PC. Then add your favorite videos.
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Step 2:

In Moon Player, locate Moon Link and enjoy your movies (on the same network, Moon Link will automatically appear in the list, no need to enter additional information).
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It’s as simple as that!

More Questions

Unable to see Moon Link device in Apple Vision Pro

There could be various reasons why the Moon Link device is not being detected. Below are some possibilities for you to troubleshoot:

  • Ensure that permissions for local network access are granted to Moon Player in the system settings.
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  • Make sure that there are no VPNs, virtual DNS, personal hotspots, or other network services that may affect network configurations being used on your Apple Vision Pro and computer.
  • Ensure that Moon Link is whitelisted in your computer’s firewall settings.
  • Confirm that your Apple Vision Pro and computer are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Verify that your router does not have AP isolation enabled. Ensure that your computer and headset are on the same subnet. If they are not on the same subnet, make sure that communication between subnets is enabled.
  • If you are using a Windows PC, make sure that the SSDP Discovery service is running.
    Note that there are many factors that can affect local network discovery, and the above list is not exhaustive. You may need to investigate other factors on your own.

Dragged a folder into Moon Link, but no video files inside

This issue typically occurs on Windows computers when MoonLink does not have the necessary permissions for the corresponding files. You can try the following methods:

  • Run Moon Link as an administrator.
  • Grant Moon Link the necessary permissions in System Settings - Privacy and Security (the procedure may vary depending on the Windows version).
  • Move the video folder to another location, such as the D drive instead of the C drive.
  • Instead of dragging, use the plus button to add a new folder. Also, when selecting the folder, double-click to enter the folder before clicking “Select Folder”