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How to play videos on NAS/routers

2023-06-20 07:03:09

You can do this by enabling DLNA services on the NAS/router.
To turn on DLNA service on your NAS / router, the exact steps depend on the make and model of device you are using, here are some general steps:

  1. Open your NAS / router management page. You can log in to the management page by entering the IP address of your device in your browser, and then entering your administrator account name and password.
  2. On the management page, find the “Applications” or “Services” option and find the “DLNA Service” or "Media Server "
  3. If the DLNA service is not enabled, enable it and configure the service settings as needed.
  4. Make sure you have selected the files or folders you want to share. On some devices, you will need to set sharing permissions and sharing options.
  5. Launch the DLNA client on your device (e.g., smart TV, audio player, game console, etc.) and locate your DLNA server. In some cases, you will need to configure the DLNA client before you can access the server.
  6. Select the file or folder you want to play and start playing.