With Apple Vision Pro,
Experience Any Spatial Video
with Complete Ease

Optimum format compatibility, dependable operation, and simplicity of usage. All because since 2015, more than 100,000 hours have been devoted to development.

Play everything

Moon Spatial Video Player plays whatever type of video you throw at it and is compatible with all spatial video formats and codecs.

High resolution spatial videos

Support UHD, 4K, 8K and 12K playback

Auto recognition

Automatically detect the correct format and configure to correctly play the file

An exhaustive list of supported formats

webm、mkv、flv、vob、ogv .ogg、drc、gif、gifv、mng、avi、av1、MTS, .M2TS, .TS、mov .qt、wmv、yuv、rm、rmvb、viv、asf、amv、mp4 .m4p .m4v、mpg .mp2 .mpeg .mpe .mpv、mpg .mpeg .m2v、m4v、svi、3gp、3g2、mxf、roq、nsv、flv .f4v .f4p .f4a .f4b

Steady, flexible, and silky

Long loading times and latency are over.

Stable, fluid, and smooth

3D immersion

Watching 3D can get problematic, but not here with us.

Fix ghosting

Fix ghosting -Fix the ghosting to watch the spatial video in its original form.

Auto focus

Auto focus -Eliminate double vision and blur, especially when looking at close items.

Auto IPD adjustment

Auto IPD adjustment -Experience increased comfort as the headset's settings adjust to your individual interpupillary distance automatically.

Image distortion correction

Image distortion correction -Remove visual distortion by matching the appropriate stereo mode to each spatial video.

Incredibly simple to use

You won't ever have to do any more hoops in order to watch a spatial video.

Design with the user in mind

Interface and menu continuously enhanced in response to user input and evaluations of usability.


Innovations that Work for you

A ton of unique features catered to your practical needs.


Observe what's around you while viewing spatial videos with Apple Vision Pro.

SMB support

Use the SMB protocol to play and access remote files with ease. Take advantage of seamless communication and spare important storage space.

DLNA support

Utilize the internal storage of the headset to browse and play spatial videos on any device linked to your Wi-Fi network without depleting it.

Enhanced storage

Embrace the ease of use that comes with external storage, such as USB flash drives and portable storage devices. Play media files from external devices seamlessly.

Cloud Drive

You can access your media library whenever and wherever you are.Genuinely endless amusement

Local device streaming

Using Moon Link for local device streaming, you can watch spatial videos on your Mac, PC, or any other local device.

Eye strain reduction

Make use of advanced options to protect your eyes and lessen tiredness, such as eye swapping, ghosting restoration, and single-eye viewing.

Custom environments

Fully immerse yourself in a breathtaking starry sky or sea view when watching spatial movies. Achievable only with Apple Vision Pro!

External subtitles

Put in external subtitles if the story is in a foreign language to help you comprehend it better.

External audio

Include external audio tracks, when watching spatial videos without audio streams.

Play from anywhere

Play videos from anywhere, whether on the device or in the cloud.

Share menu
Local network server
Open files directly from Files. This way, you can open almost all local files.Open files from your local album and enjoy the videos you recently took.Directly send videos to Moon Spatial Player from the share menu. Thus, the videos you downloaded from the network disk or received from friends can be read.Quickly access media on your private server or Mac/PC.With Files, you can add any compatible server.

Experience better spatial video watching in Apple Vision Pro