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Browser & YouTube FAQ - Moon Player for Apple Vision Pro

2024-03-20 05:09:33

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Q: Unable to Sign into YouTube

A: Please utilize ‘YouTube Web’ for logging in; your login credentials will then be synchronized across bookmarks.

Q: Why am I seeing ‘play failed’ error when trying to watch a video?

A: Our service might not be stable globally at the moment. Feedback has indicated that some users may indeed experience issues playing YouTube videos. We are continuously working to improve the stability of our service. In addition, if you’re willing, you can try the following steps to see if the situation improves:

  • Ensure you are using the latest version of the app from the App Store or TestFlight.
  • Try changing your network environment or DNS settings.
  • If you are using a VPN, try switching nodes as some nodes may be compromised.
  • Some countries and regions may not allow the playback of age-restricted videos, even if logged into an adult account. We plan to address this issue in the future."

Q: Why do I see a transparent window but no playback?

Currently, YouTube videos are set to play at the highest resolution available, which is often 8K, depending on the video itself. This means you might have to wait longer than expected for the video to load. Please be patient during this time. If it seems to be taking too long, consider checking your network connection.
1280X1280 (1).PNG

Q: Why do 360 videos appear incorrectly?

Case 1: The video at the top is horizontal, while the video at the bottom is vertical, as shown below.
This is a cubemap video. To correct it, you should select either ‘cubemap horizontal’ or ‘cubemap vertical’ based on the orientation of the top video. In this case, you would choose ‘cubemap horizontal’.

Case 2. There are two tracks and they look the same.
Whenever you encounter two nearly identical images, it’s highly likely that you’re viewing a 3D video. 3D videos create a three-dimensional effect by using the slight differences between two almost identical images for parallax. The video below is a classic example of a top & bottom 3D video. If you still notice some distortion after setting it to top & bottom 3D, don’t worry. This means that the video is also a 360 video. You will need to select the VR360 option to fully enjoy the movie.

Case 3. Everything looks vertical and there are 4 tracks
When you notice four tracks, whether horizontal or vertical, it is very likely a combination of 3D and 360 (cubemap) video. In the example below, the screen is divided into two halves, left and right, and they appear identical. This indicates that it is a left & right 3D video. Therefore, you should select the left & right option followed by cubemap.

Q: Can I adjust the video quality?

A: Currently, videos play by default at the highest resolution available. We are planning to introduce options for adjusting video quality in a future update.

Q: Is it possible to have 360 video formats automatically recognized

A: Yes, we plan to work towards automatic recognition of YouTube video formats in the future. We understand that selecting the 360 video format can be confusing. However, as a third-party client, we may face certain technical and resource limitations. We appreciate your patience as we strive to improve this feature.

Q: Every time I fast forward a few seconds in a video, the video freezes and stops playing. What’s happening?

A: Actually, when you skip through the video, it usually doesn’t freeze. It just takes quite a long time to load (even a few minutes). We are investigating this issue.