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Guidance of Moon Player for VisionOS

2024-01-16 05:33:18

Moon Player supports viewing videos in various ways:

  1. Launch Files or Photos within Moon and then select the movie.

  2. In Files, long-press the file to open it with Moon, or directly drag the file into the Moon window.
    This operation also applies to video files in other applications, such as videos received from WhatsApp or files downloaded from a cloud storage app.

  3. Additional tip: Any file source integrated with Files can be opened with Moon. This means you can access video files from sources like adding an SMB server in Files or integrating Google Drive.
    To add an SMB server, close Moon Player, go to the files app, then click the ‘…’ in the upper right corner of the sidebar, and then click Add Server.
    !!! IMPORTANT: you cannot add servers through the built-in files module in Moon.

Frequently asked questions

Q: How do I connect to a Windows SMB server

  1. Input ‘ipconfig -all’ in powershell and check the IPv4 address
  2. Go to Apple Vision - Files - connect to server
  3. Enter smb:// + IPv4 address

Q: Does the sound come from the left or right? Does it sound strange?
A: You can solve this issue by disabling the head-tracking of spatial audio in Moon Player.
First, ensure that Moon Player is playing, and the speakers have sound.
Access the control center, long-press the volume bar, and then choose “fixed” or “off” (depending on your preference), as shown in the images below:

Q: Unable to log in to the YouTube account, browser security not sufficient?
A: In Moon Player, you will find two bookmarks for YouTube and YouTube Web. Please use YouTube Web to log in; your login information will synchronize with YouTube.