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Guidance of Moon Spatial Player for VisionOS

2024-01-16 05:33:18

Moon Spatial Player supports viewing videos in various ways:

  1. Launch Files or Photos within Moon and then select the movie.

  2. In Files, long-press the file to open it with Moon, or directly drag the file into the Moon window.
    This operation also applies to video files in other applications, such as videos received from WhatsApp or files downloaded from a cloud storage app.

  3. Additional tip: Any file source integrated with Files can be opened with Moon. This means you can access video files from sources like adding an SMB server in Files or integrating Google Drive.
    To add an SMB server, close Moon Player, go to the files app, then click the ‘…’ in the upper right corner of the sidebar, and then click Add Server. Note that you cannot add servers through the built-in files module in Moon.