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Questions on Creation or Scanning of Physical Space in Quest and Pico

2023-11-08 06:07:45

What is Physical Space Setup or Room Capture?

Physical Space Setup and Room Capture are different expressions of the same feature. On the Meta Quest platform, it is referred to as Physical Space Setup, while on the Pico platform, it is known as Room Capture. This feature allows users of VR headsets to create or scan their physical surroundings and enables different games or applications to access this data, facilitating interaction between in-game or in-app elements and the user’s real-world environment.

For example, in the Moon VR Player, after scanning the physical environment in the system settings, users can enable an advanced perspective mode with MESH in Moon VR Player. In this mode, the reflections of the screen content will be projected onto the user’s real environment, providing an unparalleled immersive experience. Additionally, users can easily position the screen where they prefer, such as on a desk or mounted on a wall. The room data scanned by the user is shared across all games and apps and is saved unless the user decides to clear the physical space data, eliminating the need for rescanning.

How to Create Physical Space/Room Capture in the System?

Meta Quest: System Settings - Physical Space - Space Setup
Pico: System Settings - Lab - Room Capture

How to Apply “Physical Space Setup” or “Room Capture” in Moon VR Player?

This feature is currently only available in Moon VR Player on Quest.
Launch Moon VR Player and enter the perspective mode (via the “Perspective” button in the top toolbar of the main interface or by switching through the virtual scene panel in the viewing interface). If your environment has already been previously calibrated or scanned, you will automatically enter the advanced perspective mode with MESH without any additional manual settings. If your environment has not been calibrated, you will see a window guiding you to perform room capture below the control panel.


If you click “Do not remind me again” but change your mind later or want to rescan the room, you can scan/clear/re-scan the room in the VR headset’s settings. When you enter the perspective mode in the MoonVR player, the application will automatically switch between the traditional perspective mode and the advanced perspective mode with MESH based on the completion of the scan of your environment.

Privacy Concerns

All scanning and capturing processes related to your actual surroundings are managed by your VR device’s operating system. Captured data is stored within the system and not in any third-party applications. In other words, Moon VR Player does not store your room data; it only accesses the calibration data stored within the system when you open the new perspective mode to create a more realistic experience. This data remains locally stored within the system and is not uploaded to the internet.
For the privacy policy or user agreement related to this feature on Meta Quest and Pico, you can refer to the system settings of the respective VR headset.

Why can’t I enable spatial information in the Moon VR Player after scanning the room, and instead it asks me to repeat the scan?

This is usually because you haven’t granted the MoonVR player permission to access spatial information. It’s possible that you denied access to the spatial data stored on your headset when you first launched the MoonVR player. Therefore, even though you can scan the room in the MoonVR player, you can’t access the data obtained after scanning. To resolve this issue, you need to grant the MoonVR player the necessary permissions in your system settings. Alternatively, you can uninstall and reinstall the MoonVR player.

Why do I always see a table or wall in front of me, even when I haven’t enabled the passthrough mode?

This is a protective mechanism of Meta Quest or Pico. When you get close to nearby tables or walls, these objects are displayed on your VR headset to prevent you from colliding with them, even if you haven’t enabled passthrough mode. This mechanism works in any software, not just in the MoonVR player. You can try moving away from these objects or clear the spatial data in your system settings.