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How to Solve Pico System Prompt "System Version Too Low, Needs System Upgrade"

2023-10-31 08:33:47

Q: Why am I seeing this prompt?

A: We have always been committed to developing exciting new features and providing users with a better experience. Recently, we launched the Moon Villa with a stunning real-time reflection lighting system, which utilizes some new features of the latest SDK (Software Development Kit). Consequently, we upgraded the SDK. However, when Pico detects the new SDK, it will prompt users to upgrade to the 5.7.0 or higher system version. This is not within our control. Additionally, many future features we plan to develop, such as gesture recognition, also rely on the latest SDK. In the long run, we have to upgrade the SDK to provide users with a better experience and to cope with the increasingly competitive player environment. We hope you understand that.

In summary, we have never restricted users from launching Moon VR Video Player, nor do we intend to force users to upgrade their systems. However, the new version of the SDK is not backward compatible, which is why the Pico system automatically prompts users to upgrade.

Q: I don’t want to upgrade my system, and I don’t need new features. Is there a solution?

A: We respect the right of every user to freely use the device they have purchased. As a software provider, we have no right to interfere with user behavior and strive to ensure that all users can experience the exceptional performance of Moon VR Video Player. If you wish to stay with the older version of the Pico system, you can contact us to obtain the installation package of the older version of Moon VR Video Player.
Please note the following about this solution:

  1. Due to the numerous older Pico system versions, each with different anti-piracy features, we cannot guarantee that you will be able to install it.
  2. Due to the variety of older Pico system versions, we cannot guarantee that Moon VR Video Player will run stably on your older system.
  3. In general, we will not provide updates for older versions.
  4. The installation package is for your personal use only. You are prohibited from distributing the Moon VR Video Player installation package on the internet or through other channels, whether or not you profit from it.
  5. If you request the installation package from us, it means you are aware of and agree to the above terms. If you violate them, we reserve the right to pursue legal action.
    You can contact us through the following channels:

Q: I don’t want to upgrade my system but would like to experience the new features. Is there a solution?

A: It is rumored that some lower versions of the system can bypass Pico’s SDK compatibility check. However, we do not recommend doing this because even if you bypass the check, the app may still have many issues during actual operation.

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