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How to solve "Cannot find my drive"

2023-07-04 10:14:56

Due to related intellectual property and system limitations, only FAT32 and NTFS formatted storage devices are currently supported.
We recommend that you use storage devices with the above file system formats for the best experience. If you still insist on using other format devices, you can try the following methods for reference only:

Solution 1: Format your USB device to NTFS(recommended) or FAT32.

Note that the FAT32 format does not support a single file size larger than 4G. Remember to back up your data before formatting.

Solution 2: Use MiXplorer to read your USB driver

Note: This plan is only our suggestion. We have received feedback that some Pico system versions and environments may cause MiXplorer to not work as expected, so we do not guarantee that it will be feasible.
MixExplorer is a free file manager that supports bypassing the system’s native file management system to read external storage devices in exFAT and NTFS formats. Note that using this method to bypass system restrictions may result in unstable playback.

  1. Download MiXplorer on the official website:

  2. Install the downloaded APK package on Pico and open it

  3. Open MiXplorer, tap the burger button in the upper right corner, and then tap Settings

  4. Tap MORE SETTINGS, then check Enable OTG

  5. Insert your USB driver and wait for a moment. You will be able to see your device on the sidebar
    Note: Due to system reasons, the first tap to enter the USB driver may appear MiXplorer flashback, this is normal, please enter MiXplorer again to access the USB file.

  6. Tap on the video, select Direct link, tap OPEN, and select Moon VR video player to play
    Note: It makes playback more stable to select “save in temporary folder”, but you may need to wait longer to load.

Other Note

  1. If you are using a mechanical hard drive, the standalone VR headset may not be able to provide sufficient power. In this case, you may need to supply independent power to the mechanical hard drive.

  2. If you encounter frequent pop-ups of “Exit Moon VR,” it may be due to a third-party file manager competing for USB drive permissions with Moon VR. In this case, you might need to uninstall the third-party file manager and restart the all-in-one device.

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