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How to Watch and Adjust Videos

2023-05-06 09:59:24

1. How to adjust the screen size, distance, location, screen ratio, and control panel

Method 1: Thumbstick

  • Push thumbstick up/down to adjust the screen size.
  • Press and Hold Grap against the screen and drag (unavailable for Index)

Method 2: Control Panel

Press A/X/Trigger key to call out the control panel to adjust screen

2. How to recenter

  1. Press and hold A/X, or double-click Trigger
  2. PC Keyboard: double-click the spacebar

3. How to adjust the brightness, contrast and saturation

Press A/X/Trigger key to call out the control panel, enter the screen settings , make various adjustments

4. How to adjust 3D/VR mode to correctly match the video?

  1. Press A/X/Trigger to call out the control panel, and make screen mode adjustments in Settings.
  2. Currently supported types:
    - Support fisheye, cubemap, equirectangular and cinema, youtube format
    - Support 2D, 3D Side by Side, 3D Top Bottom, Flat, 180°, 190°, 200°, 220°and 360°

5. How to make the app automatically recognize 3D/VR playback mode

Please rename your files by following keywords
“Left-Right mode: SBS, Side by side, L&R, LeftRight
Up & Down mode: Over-Under, OU, O&U, U&D, UpDown, Up&Down
Fisheye mode: Fisheye
YouTube mode: YouTube
180 mode: 180
360 mode: 360
190 mode: 190
200 mode: 200”

6. How to fix blurry 3D videos

Method 1: Swap left and right images

  1. Press A/X/Trigger/Menu to call out the control panel.
  2. Click Advanced Settings on the right side of the control panel.
  3. Go to 3D Adjustment and click Switch Eyes.

Method 2: IPD adjustment

Go to Advanced Settings > 3D Eye Distance and move the scroll bar to make the screen match your pupil distance. (v 2.5.6 and above)

Method 3: Fix Ghosting:

Click Advanced Settings > Fix Ghosting. Once this mode is turned on, your left and right eyes will see the same image.

7. How to fix “Giants”(Camera too close)

  1. Adjust screen size and screen distance by thumbstick or control panel
  2. Adjust FOV on control panel
  3. Adjust Stereo> Screen on control panel

8. How to get yourself into the picture to be more immersive

  1. Use Motion feature and move in space, you can experience the feeling of immersion

9. How to improve the video playback quality

  1. Adjust image quality in Settings